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After a long and dark winter...


After a couple years without work on DNN ContentBuilder, I've decided to finish my work on it. I cannot tell how long it will take to be accomplished since I didn't quit my job, so I can use just some hours per week. If you want to know why am I doing this, that's easy: I'm bored and I need something to keep my brain on.

When I started to work on this project, I had no need of money to support it. Today it is quite different. Nobody is paying me to do that, so any donation will be welcome as I need to buy a server, a laptop and MS software, e.g.: Windows 2003 Server, Visual Studio 2005 etc in order to finish the project. Without that help I'll take more time to release a working version. ... read more

Posted by Emerson Lopes 2007-04-14