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I just revamp the Website

The website just got a new look and a lot of new feature the I hope you like.

Posted by Arathas RPG 2005-12-11

In search of a M.U.D. service

For those still follow me, I am in search of a free of contrain base for a mud either in java or c++.

Posted by Arathas RPG 2005-10-31

Web Site update

The web site as been update and improved a bit since last update. Visite as you wish and tell me what you think about it.

Posted by Arathas RPG 2005-08-17

Dot Net Framework.

if you want to run my demo and/or help me with this project you will need those to filed found free on microsoft website. if you have the Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 you already posse both if not just download them and you will be ready

.NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package Beta 2 (x86):http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=7ABD8C8F-287E-4C7E-9A4A-A4ECFF40FC8E&displaylang=en... read more

Posted by Arathas RPG 2005-07-29

Pre-Alpha and Licence File release

This is the first release of source code for my project. I also release the licences and source for Dungeon and dragon 3.5 in general.
The 3 smaller file are each separate project, Perso, is the main definition of the Player, monster and NPC. Also it defines items, magic or mundane. Console is the main master windows application, containing a chat, a combat map, all the various wizard and control needed to generate encounter, PC(Player Character), NPC(NonPlayer Character), and various other needs. It will also have the possibility to initiate a video link with is player. The Database service will serve as a access point to various database, form player info, to prepare encounter left on the server. The forth one contains the whole thing and also the solution file for Visual Studio 2005.
They contain other miscellaneous files, including an early try for an access database for the system to be tested offline. It will be upgrade to MySQL database when then code will be stable with the offline version. The database itself will be access via a web service and will , I hope, in the future will feature a login interface that will differentiate between player and dm. We will modify the main web site to incorporate a use interface, comprising a chat interface, a video link and sound. It will include a generator for PC, to help them create and/or update there character.
Like it is said it is pre-alpha release and works need to done in order to see all those feature done. Donate to support the project, either in time and effort, or money, I dont mind either cause both help me continue on the project. The next release will contains the Microsoft .net Framework 2.0 and it tools to help you out in helping me. Contact me via the website and the forum.

Posted by Arathas RPG 2005-07-28

New Web site

I just put up the first page of the web site, it is crude put it will suffice for now, we just need more time and it will be ready to receive people .

Posted by Arathas RPG 2005-07-17