DMTCP 1.2.3 Released

DMTCP (Distributed MultiThreaded Checkpointing) is a tool to transparently checkpoint the state of multiple simultaneous applications, including multi-threaded and distributed applications. It operates directly on the user binary executable, without any Linux kernel modules or other kernel modifications.

This release is primarily a bug-fix release. Here are the Release Notes:

- Several bug fixes.
- Modifications added for compatibility with the checkpoint-restart service of OpenMPI (will be integrated with upcoming OpenMPI-1.6)
- Tests for emacs, vim and strace added to 'make check'
- When running emacs23 under GNU 'screen', it's not restored correctly. Currently we warn user to use emacs22. Emacs23 with 'screen' will be supported in future (and 'emacs23' continues to work fine standalone).
- Fixes a regression in which checkpointing 'gdb' with the required './configure --enable-ptrace-support' was failing. Works now.
- /proc/*/cmdline was not being restored correctly when: argc > 1 (Fixed.)
- debugging logic (primarily for DMTCP developers) was simplified so that changing CFLAGS in mtcp/Makefile to add '-DDEBUG' suffices to include MTCP debugging information. If --enable-debug is also configured, then a copy of MTCP debug information also goes into /tmp/dmtcp-USER@HOST/jassertlog.* .

Posted by Kapil Arya 2011-07-22