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Project suspended...

Due to personal time constraints and the lack of public interest the project is suspended until further notice...

If you're willing to contribute or have any constructive feedback please drop me a mail! There're still some open tasks like finishing the config editor, refractoring the code, writing docs and building packages for distribution.

See ya

Posted by Oliver 2005-03-13

MyRadio Editor released!

Ok guys, here's the next update!
This time we're introducing the MyRadio Editor which enables you to compile a weighted list of all your favourite tracks and folders!

At the moment DMP4X is getting close to its first alpha release... As soon as the Configuration Editor is done we're going to release version 0.1! That release means that all basic features are included in DMP4X and considered to work just fine. Even if some bugs might still occur DMP4X should be quite stable.... read more

Posted by Oliver 2005-02-14

Online Update feature released!

Well, with today's snapshots we're releasing the online update feature. Now you can check online if any new firmware releases are available for your DMP3! If your local version is out of date you can easily download the applicable item from the list to your dmp3 directory!

At the moment we cannot extract the contents of the downloaded files because they're only available in self-extracting RAR archives - quite unusable for Linux or Max OS users...... read more

Posted by Oliver 2005-02-11

Logo Editor released!

Today's snapshot releases introduce the logo editor!

Currently all source images bigger than 176x64 pixels will be scaled to down to fit the head unit's display but you may use pre-sized images of your choice to avoid scaling.

Apart from this minor issue the logo editor can be considered being in alpha state...

Posted by Oliver 2004-11-06

Project Status Update!

The following parts have reached alpha status:
(in order of appearance)

- Playlist Editor
- Display Editor
- Messages Editor

Check out the latest file releases and let us know what you think...

Have fun!

Posted by Oliver 2004-10-13

DMP4X Website updated!

Check out the latest screenshots...

Posted by Oliver 2004-09-23

DMP4X Website is up!

Ok, it's a VERY VERY BASIC one but at least a point to start from ;-)

Bye, Oliver

Posted by Oliver 2004-04-15

DMP4X project has been launched!

You're invited to join. Please visit the available forums to meet the team...

Posted by Oliver 2004-03-18