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DML2 v1.0.1 Released

DML2 v1.0.1 is now available for all supported platforms (Windows, Linux). This release fixes many small bugs that were left in the 1.0 release (such as array range problems). DML2 is a command line-based object-oriented document formatting and content storage tool.

Posted by Jared 2002-08-14

DML2 v1.0 released!

v1.0 of DML2 (an object-oriented content storage and document formatting system) adds default constructors, an array index tag, and improved cross-directory support (as well as many bug fixes). Linux man page documentation is now available. The source code is now built with Autoconf/Automake.

Posted by Jared 2002-07-31

DML2 v0.9b Released

The first publicly available version of DML2, an object-oriented content storage and document formatting system, is now available. This version allows the content of a document to be completely separated from its structure and presentation and is very useful for HTML development. Full documentation and tutorials included.

Posted by Jared 2002-07-26