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Possible bug harvested records


  • Anonymous

    Hi -

        I harvested the following URL using JOAI


    I got 167 records. However, the records don\'t pass XMLLint. I get the message "Input:1: namespace error : Namespace prefix xsi for schemaLocation on dc is not defined". I tried to post the full message from XMLLint but Sourceforge thinks that the message is spam.

    I think this is a bug in JOAI. Please let me know if it is not.

    Garey Mills


  • Anonymous

    Given that some of the repositories that I am harvesting are not including an xmlns:xsi declaration on the level of record, but on the level of the document, I would like to manipulate the record file production to include that declaration if necessary. Is it possible to get the source code in order to do that? If not, is that something that could be added?


  • Anonymous

    John -

          I emailed you with a one line (two with comments) change to Harvester.java that fixes the problem described in this thread. Did you get the email? I am installing JOAI on a stripped down machine and would appreciate if I could get a binary distribution (for some reason, the binary I am compiling works on the machine I compiled it on, but not on the one I want to run it on)


  • Garey,

    I got the code. I'll send separate info about obtaining a binary distribution with this included…




  • Anonymous

    John - Any progress?

  • I'm waiting on a couple other contributions for the next release. Should be soon…