#29 "Use Advanced Search" peek-a-boo issues

Steve Toub

1. Simple search for "cushman".
"cushman" appears in nav bar form and in simple search form

2. Choose "Use Advanced Search".
"cushman" appears in nav bar form, but not in advanced search form which I don't expect

3. Advanced search for "charles".
"charles" appears in nav bar form and in advanced search form; I was expecting the advanced search form here to collapse back to simple search on the results page since that what it does in all other cases: using pagination, using facets, etc. Susan can ask the users which they prefer (retain state or always revert to simple) but it should be consistent. If the advanced search form remains expanded on results page, consider adding a yellow fade effect on the "Found N records"; the form takes up so much real estate, it's hard to tell anything has changed.


  • chickmarkley

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    The core team is going to need to do some brainstorming sessions on how advanced and simple should be related if at all. Unfortunately it is quite simple to convert a advanced to a simple but not so easy or necessarily even possible to convert the other way. And it begs the question of what 'simple' really is. Should a simple search even support quotes, parens and the like, if it does users may be able to key broken searches that return nothing, if it does not then we cannot go from advanced to simple.

  • Kat Hagedorn
    Kat Hagedorn

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