Thanks for the reply Mark.

>>The Mail::DKIM seems to be in error, it does not want to sign such
header fields. If it happens to one of the DKIM-required header
fields i.e. a 'From' header field, the resulting signature does
not list the 'from' in its 'h' tag, which could be treated as a
DKIM requirement violation.

But, libdkim signs all the headers even if there is a space between the header field name and colon.

The "h=" tag in the DKIM-Signature headers contains all the headers being signed.

When the dkim library had properly signed the mail, why is it the  verification status of Gmail and AOL are "hardfail" and "none" respectively whereas yahoo's verification status is "pass".

Can anyone, please help in this issue.

Deiva Shanmugam

On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 6:28 PM, deiva shanmugam <chittushanmugam@gmail.com> wrote:

   When the headers being signed using DKIM technology are in format:
Header field name<sp>:header field value

Gmail is showing hardfail as its verification status and AOL is showing DKIM:none as its status.

Is, space between header field name and colon is not legal?

Can anyone please help in this issue.

Deiva Shanmugam

On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 5:35 PM, <dkim-milter-discuss-request@lists.sourceforge.net> wrote:
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  1. Re: High memory usage (James Cloos)


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From: James Cloos <cloos+sf-dkim-milter-discuss@jhcloos.com>
Subject: Re: [dkim-milter-discuss] High memory usage
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>>>>> "Erik" == Erik Lotspeich <erik@lotspeich.org> writes:

Erik> This memory usage pattern seems to be quite typical of sendmail milters.
Erik>  For example, my SPF milter, smf-spf, uses 52M/1.7M.

I suspect a mem leak in libmilter.  All milters I've tried which use
libmilter show a similar vm usage pattern.

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