Making Python encoder/decoder for DjVu

  • Good evening(?), dear users! I need your help. I want to create a small
    djvu encoder/decoder for Python using Boost::Python. I know there are three
    separated applications for this: cjb2, c44 and cpaldjvu. I'd like to combine
    them into one application, but I'd rather like to make a small separated
    library for Python than provide all three executables or make users download
    them. I also wonder if there will be an ability to encode image to djvu with
    one separated library (not with three executables).
    However, I didn't find much information about libdjvulibre and didn't find any
    examples on how to use this library functions. Could you, please, provide a
    small example on how to create djvu files or tell me where I can find
    documentation to libdjvulibre? Thanks!