How to complie GSDjvu under MSVC?

  • monday2000

    I'm trying to compile GSDjVu 1.4 under MS VC++ 2005 Express.

    I downloaded the GhostScript 9.01 sources and sucessfully compiled it in MS
    VC++ 2005 Express (without GSDjVu).

    Then I tried to add GSDjVu into GhostScript 9.01 and compile it together. But
    mo luck yet - I suceeded to compile it, but it prints "unknown device" to

    Here is what I did:

    1. I inserted into contrib\contrib.mak the content of gsdjvu.mak.
    2. I inserted into psi\msvc.mak the line of code:

    DEVICE_DEVS16=$(DD) $(DD) $(DD)

    instead of

    DEVICE_DEVS16=$(DD) $(DD)

    3. I put "gdevdjvu.c" into the "contrib" folder.
    4. I corrected 2 minor errors in "gdevdjvu.c".

    What else did I miss? And how to operate with GSDjVu in case I succeed to make
    it work?