#206 Zoom level Fit Page does not work in Side-by-side mode


When zoom level is set to Fit Page then two pages in side-by-side mode share the same ratio. If two single pages are not of exactly the same resolutiom, it looks somewhat disruptive and defeats purpose of side-by-side mode (read like book).

Please would it be possible that both pages are in fit-to-page zoom?

I understand that this can go wrong if sum of both pages is wider than screen, but from my experience on nowadays wide monitors this "wider" scenario does not really ever happen... Possible solution would be:
1. compute Fit-to-page zoom as is done now
2. take the vertically smaller page and zoom it to maximal possible height(<=screen height) so that sum of both pages are still not wider than screen.


  • Leon Bottou
    Leon Bottou

    In the current setup, all the pages are displayed with the same ratio relative to their recorded resolutions. So what you describe can only happen when two pages of the documents have different resolutions but have been marked with the same resolution (defective djvu file.)

    Can you share the file?

    The algorithm you describe would be more robust to such defective files. It works well for the side-by-side case. I do not see how it would work when you are also in continuous mode.

  • Leon Bottou
    Leon Bottou

    In continuous mode, this would cause the actual zoom factor to change when scrolling up or down. I do not think this is a good idea.

  • Leon Bottou
    Leon Bottou

    • status: open --> wont-fix