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DJV Imaging / News: Recent posts

DJV 0.8.1 Beta Released


* Updated copyright notices for 2008.
* Command line option reorganization.
* Preferences dialog reorganization.


* Split window controls into toolbar and playbar controls.
* Image information and HUD changed to reflect actual file name.
* Fix for HUD options.
* Fix for cache redraw bug.


* String conversion improvements.
* Fix for color matrix in fixed function OpenGL pipeline.
* Fix for Apple QuickTime path handling in Microsoft Windows.
* Softimage flipbook wrapper for djv_view, contributed by Alan Jones.

Posted by darbyjohnston 2008-01-27

DJV 0.8.0 Beta Released

* Updated software dependencies (OpenEXR 1.6.1, libquicktime 1.0.1).
* Initial support for the Softimage .PIC image file format.
* Extended support for the Wavefront RLA image file format to 16 and 32-bit image data.
* FFmpeg support for Linux.
* Compatibility changes for the OpenGL rendering pipeline.
* Expanded preferences dialog.

Posted by darbyjohnston 2008-01-10

DJV 0.7.3 Beta Released

* Initial support for Apple Mac OS X.
* Improved OpenGL performance.
* Numerous bug fixes.

Posted by darbyjohnston 2007-10-22

DJV 0.7.2 Beta Released

* Save movies and images from the viewing application.
* New customizable keyboard shortcuts.
* Expanded file sequence options.

Posted by darbyjohnston 2007-09-24

DJV 0.7.1 Beta Released

* Support for OpenEXR image layers.
* Improved OpenGL and operating system compatibility.

Posted by darbyjohnston 2007-08-15

DJV 0.7.0 Beta Released

* New OpenGL accelerated imaging pipeline.
* Improved image I/O performance.

Posted by darbyjohnston 2007-07-22

DJV 0.6.1 Beta Released

* Support for Cineon images.
* Faster DPX image I/O.

Posted by darbyjohnston 2007-05-03

DJV 0.6.0 Beta Released

* Support for Microsoft Windows.
* Experimental support for the QuickTime file format (currently UNIX only).
* New image types for 10, 12, and 16 bit data.

Posted by darbyjohnston 2007-04-07

DJV 0.5.0 Beta Released

Highlights include much better performance, support for extended range images with 16 and 32 bits of data per channel, and more image formats including DPX and OpenEXR.

Posted by darbyjohnston 2006-09-29

Beta Version 0.4.2 Released

Simplified building and installation, with pre-built packages for IRIX, SuSE, and Debian.

Posted by darbyjohnston 2005-11-23