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DJRPG role playing game development kit / News: Recent posts

Info on next release

The next release should include a working map editor with sprite editing support(For sprite editing support, it will isolate a sprite, save it to a bitmap, then throw the editing to the OS. After the editor closes, the bitmap will be re-integrated into the editor, and the new sprites will be saved). With those things out of the way, the only things to be completed will be finalizing the JRPG Runtime engine and the more difficult task of creating a WYSIWYG script editor, which would put this project ahead of other RPG-Makers in one more area.... read more

Posted by J. Firth 2005-05-29

Windows port of runtime engine ported, port of tools almost

The Windows and Linux ports of the JRPG runtime engine is complete and uploaded. Some bugs have been found by testers, but overall it's solid enough to get a feel for how the engine is supposed to work -- just keep using magic and you'll be fine.

I've uploaded screenshots of the new game editor. It's already in a state where game maps can be created and edited with ease. Sprite editing functions will be integrated by giving the ability to load any sprite into your favourite editor by pressing a button, and loading the new sprite back into the tileset and saving the tileset. ... read more

Posted by J. Firth 2005-05-13

Windows and Linux ports nearly complete

It's been a while since I've posted any news, but the Win32 and Linux ports of the JRPG runtime engine are nearly complete -- Quest for a King, the sample game, works perfectly on both platforms, but the savegame feature is currently broken. After the runtime engine is running perfectly on both platforms, I'll be writing a unified multiplatform editor for the project, as well as support for importing graphics and eventually maps from other popular RPG development packages. It sounds like a tall order, but it shouldn't be difficult.

Posted by J. Firth 2005-05-04

DJRPG WIP code submitted to CVS

The DJRPG editors and the JRPG runtime engine source code for both DOS and the in-progress code for Windows has been uploaded to CVS.

Please note that these are so cutting edge that most of them don't even work yet. I'll be updating on as regular baisis as I can.

the new modules are as follows:

QBjrpg - The current JRPG runtime codebase. Soon to be depreciated, hopefully.
Cjrpg - The codebase for a port of the JRPG runtime to Allegro, which the project will be using as soon as it's complete.
DOSdjrpg - the current djrpg framework, soon to be depreciated, hopefully.
WINdjrpg - the windows ports of the tools, not really working yet and very much in-progress.... read more

Posted by J. Firth 2004-04-21

Tool overhaul in progress

I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that the tools included with the DJRPG Role Playing Development Kit, while 100% functional, are to put it nicely.... harsh. They're all in DOS, they for the most part use outlandish keyboard schemes, and a lot of them use utterly insane, arbitrarily designed command prompt interfaces.

That's about to change completely.

In development right now, all the tools are being ported to VB6, including the sprite editor, the map editor, and the UNIFY utility. In addition, extensive script automation is planned for the new VB map editor. A new version of the kit will be released as soon as the new tools are usable.

Posted by J. Firth 2004-02-16

A new member!

An internet veteren for many years, and also a coder for nearly as long, I, cyberbot-x (or better known lately as XBot) has joined the project.
I hope to do the best I can in many areas of the project as possible.
What's my inspiration? I hate rewriting code for every RPG I make.

Posted by Michael Draper 2003-11-30

Work continues!

I know, it's kind of pathetic as front page news, but work continues on the DJRPG development kit. Many enhancements to the JRPG runtime engine, including diagonal movement are already done, as is a BMP->ascii converter for both object and map sprites. Few plans for version 2.0 of the kit, a unified development package in Visual Basic, are in place at this point, but any work done on current packages should port quite easily, because the code is already in a version of Basic (Visual Basic for DOS 1.0), and their renderers are relatively well seperated from the rest of the programs, so when the porting happens, it should happen relatively quickly.

Posted by J. Firth 2003-11-30

Regarding Copyright...

There are copyright notices everywhere in the documentation. Ignore them. From this point on, I've put all my code and data in the public domain.

Posted by J. Firth 2003-10-27

DJRPG project founded!

After many years of work, I've finally decided to release the tools for the JRPG engine, in the form of this: The DJRPG Role Playing Game development kit. Right now, there's more than enough to make an RPG, but it's hideously ugly and hard to use. One of the main goals of this project will be to document and simplify the tools used, and possibly to port the game engine and development tools out of Visual Basic for DOS into many modern operating systems.

Posted by J. Firth 2003-10-27