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Release 1.4.8

Nothing new in this release. Few bugs are fixed and XML is no more supported.

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2006-04-20

New Dixie site

We have opened the new site for Dixie. Here I want to thank my friend Andreas Kneiseler for making this possible. He is running the site and he has installed everything what is needed for it.

If you visit the site, you will see that it is not filled with data yet. This is what we have to do next, and Andy and me are going to do it as soon as we find some information that has to be published there. We will try to make better manual and put it there. We will publish all news about Dixie and everything there. Only download section will stay at Sourceforge.... read more

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2006-04-07

Release 1.4.7

As announced in one of previous news postings, this "release" is used to plan and start migration for all of you who have been using Dixie. As you know, Dixie was using XML database to store your data, and we are now moving to SQL only. Therefore, you can use this intermediate version to migrate your data. Read more in Docs section...

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2006-01-24

No more XML support

Dixie will not support XML based database any more. From now on, we will make all corrections and new code only for MySQL and other databases which Dixie is going to support.
In the following weeks you will find both XML and SQL code if you are synchronizing via CVS. Next Dixie release will be without XML.
So, if you plan to upgrade to future releases, please be ready and fill the data from XML to SQL database prior to upgrading. The tool for this is available in SQL Admin section in current Dixie version. Or you may do it manually. You may find the structure definitions for the tables in template directory.

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2005-09-10

New developer

As more and more users are asking for Dixie and some features I have decided to invite another developer to work on Dixie with me. Andreas Kneiseler is the one and you probably know him from the mailing list. I hope that we will solve problems and develop Dixie faster and better.


Posted by Tomica Crnek 2005-07-21


SRV and NAPTR records are now supported via CVS

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2005-06-01

Release 1.4.6

It has been almost a year since I haven't uploaded the new "release". Everything is available via CVS, but some people asked me when do I plan to upload something new. Here it is for all of you not using CVS. You may read a little about this "release" in Docs section.

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2005-05-04


As my friend (dbunic) will code something for Dixie, the latest version is now available via cvs. From time to time we will produce new releases as I did before, but you may use cvs also.

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2004-07-26

Release 1.4.5

- multihomed DHCP failovers now supported
- few bugs in mysql section solved

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2004-04-03

Release 1.4.4

Fixed some bugs regarding zone types and DDNS updates

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2003-11-12

Release 1.4.3

- bugs fixed
- dhcpd hardware type added

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2003-10-05

Maps in 1.4.2

Maps included and now working. Read more in Docs section.

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2003-09-27

Release 1.4.1

Locations are now in external database, MySQL is supported now only. You can filter records from this database to be displayed using 'condition' field in global config. Enter something like "filed='value1' OR field2='value2' OR field3='something else'" as condition.

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2003-09-16

About version 1.4.0b

Please read about it in Docs section

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2003-09-13

MySQL support fixed

Fixed some problems regarding mysql support.
Cleaned old code garbage.

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2003-03-19

Multiple MACs per host

The MAC field is now multiline and you can enter multiple macs for host. I didn't test this much :-P
Few old bugs are solved.

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2003-02-02

SNMP MAC locator

Now you can locate MAC address from Dixie host database or active leases browser on LAN switches in your enterprise.
You have to enable SNMP option in php (use --with-snmp while compiling php).
Enter all the LAN switches (Cisco) in the LAN switches database. The read community is enough for now.

After that you can run MAC locator from the menu or active leases browser.

If it is run from menu it will scann vlans specified for each switch.
If started from leases browser it uses vlan option from the subnet specification (new option in subnet spec). If there is no vlan associated with the subnet then it scanns all vlans specified for the switch.

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2002-08-29

Active Directory compare

If you have AD active in some DNS zones, you can compare computer database from AD with the database in Dixie. I think it might be useful. Dixie uses LDAP to connect to AD database. For this to work you must enter LDAP server information in zone details for zone that contains AD. You may use any AD DC as a LDAP server. Valid username/password from your AD is needed to access database. And one more thing; you have to enter baseDN for LDAP search (CN=Computers,DC=yourdomain,DC=com).

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2002-08-11

Multiple DHCP failover servers support

Multiple failover servers can now be configured. The primary dhcp server is the one running dixie. Failover servers are defined for each subnet.

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2002-08-01

Fixed bug in failover configuration

Major bug in failover configuration is now solved

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2002-08-01

Live DNS and DHCP browser

Live browsers for DNS records and DHCP leases now works fine

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2002-07-11

Fixed bugs regarding AD

The bug in creating access list for AD controllers is now fixed. IP or server name can now be used.

Posted by Tomica Crnek 2002-07-11