#33 Huge memory leak when processing this file...

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I'm trying to fix a file generated by PlayClaw for my Youtube Channel's LP series. I am new to that software (using FRAPs before) and didn't realize that when turning off the recording you have to give it a second to write out the buffer. Instead, I hit the button a few times until it turned off, which I believe screwed up the file.

I found DivFix++, and liked that it was OSS and elegant, so I tried it and after about 30 minutes now, it's still processing the file. The original was a 7.2GB AVI, and it's currently using 10-30% CPU and 9.4GB and rising RAM to fix it. The UI hasn't updated and remains unresponsive since "New Stream Size:" and a count of various frame numbers. After long enough, not even the titlebar responds (can't drag it) - which is unusual on NT6.

I'm on Win7 Pro x64, C2Q 9650 3Ghz, Radeon 6950 2GB, 10GB RAM. It's about to fill my RAM to 100% to try to fix a file smaller than my RAM total - clearly a memory leak, possibly caused by whatever caused the UI to stop responding and/or the program to choke. If you need the file let me know - I can't reprocess it and it's large, so I can't store it forever. I will keep it for a few days (email yushatak (at) gmail if you need it).


  • Death Knight®
    Death Knight®

    DivFix just requires ~10-20 MB normally.
    But it doesn't support files bigger than 4 GB.

    I will try to implement this at v0.35. I made structure. Little work remaining for multi-GB AVI files, supporting via AVIX structure. But can't find time to improve project. This months might continue and complete it.. Thanks for reporting.