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#32 Yield Needed In Rendering Code

4 days ago

In many apps where the UI and processing code go hand in hand (this seems to be one of them), you need to "yield" a moment of processing in the looping task to keep the UI responding to the user.

For example, say I want to "Stop" the process of fixing a file - can't do it. Button does nothing. X button does nothing, etc.. Depending on how the GUI is coded (if it were wxWidgets, which is what I usually use, wx.Yield() is all that you'd need) this may be as simple as throwing a single line in.

This is on Windows 7, by the way - no idea if the same behavior occurs on other platforms, or if the GUI is even the same code on other platforms.


  • Yushatak

    x64, meant to mention, too - though I'm sure the x86 versions would be affected too.

  • Death Knight®
    Death Knight®

    It needed to be some wxYields() on code.

    I don't have such issue here. Might be due linux kernel?
    Also it depends on version that you use.
    If you have a chance, download v0.35 and compile it.
    I will look into this.