Refuse add-to-db option key combination

  • RainrooM

    Scott, it would be nice if there could be 1 combination of keys one could
    define and use to copy clips, but NOT add it in the ditto-cp db. I know it's
    against the real use of the program, but I experience that I copy often
    (sets) of data which I really don't want to have in the list (often, small,
    useless, one time keystrokes) and they are also of course add in the db,
    making it growing and polluting the list. Suggestion: add in the 'copy
    buffers' tab maybe option 3 or a new combination where you can define keys to
    NOT add the copied clips in the list. This works much faster than
    'disconnecting from clipboard' at the system tray.

  • Maloney

    Thanks for the suggestion, i'll add it to the list.

    A work around could be to set a shortcut or batch file to ditto that uses
    command line options to connect or disconnect from the clipboard.

    Ditto.exe /Disconnect
    Ditto.exe /Connect

    then the shortcut or batch file could be set to run through a global shortcut
    (through windows or a 3rd party shortcut key app autokey is one of them)


  • RainrooM

    your suggestion could indeed be one solution. However don't know if this will
    be more resource/time consuming ? You're positioned to check that. To me the
    best solution would be to have it built in in ditto-cp as a possible option.

    To come back on the command line option. Still believe there are some
    oportunities to make ditto-cp even more powerful using a command line option.
    I refer back to my earlier posts with subject Search on date, both creation /
    last used and Command line parameters dd 2012-01-06.

  • John Schelb
    John Schelb


    I think also that this would be a good option.

    But I have an alternative idea: a combination of keys to delete all items in
    the root directory of ditto. No need to mark and delete items … items in
    subdirectorys are protected against delete.