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Calendar events support

Just started adding the events XML support. Test it. Break it. Submit bugs. Submit suggestions.

Posted by Jacob Helwig 2004-08-27

Language changeover

There is currently a complete code rewrite going on, as the source is ported over to Perl. I was hoping it wouldn't really have to be done, but now that it is, it's looking like it will actually be beneficial. The POE perl modules are looking pretty nice. Once the rewrite is completed, there will be a new file release, and all sorts of fireworks to commemorate the event.

Posted by Jacob Helwig 2003-08-25

First major bug fixed.

It was an ugly bug, and it got an ugly fix. The XML update thread still stalls, but it's restarted, if it stalls for more than 60 seconds.

Posted by Jacob Helwig 2003-07-12

CVS initial upload.

Despite what the summary page says at the moment, there are sources in CVS.

Posted by Jacob Helwig 2003-07-09