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Development release: distcache 1.5.1

This is an update release from the development branch which corrects a lot of the fallout from the libnal overhaul. sslswamp is working again and a lot of other cruft got sorted out too.

Posted by Geoff Thorpe 2004-10-20

Updated apache 2.0.52 support

Distcache support is now included in Apache's CVS and should be present in 2.1 whenever it comes out, but for now this updates the 2.0 patch to apache httpd 2.0.52.

Posted by Geoff Thorpe 2004-10-20

Stable release: distcache 1.4.5

The next release from the 1.4 branch has been released, and this is now considered the "stable" branch for future released (the older 0.4 stable branch has been deprecated). This release fixes a major bug in dc_client, so users are strongly advised to upgrade.

Posted by Geoff Thorpe 2004-03-24