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Can this be compiled for OS X?

  • David

    Hi. Can I compile DISSCO on OS X 10.4.2?

    If so, what are the steps I need to do?

    Thanks very much.


    • John

      Sorry for not monitoring this forum and responding earlier. I believe someone else did get back to you by email, though. However, just to get it out there...

      So far we have not tried it on Mac OS X. We have only used it on x86 Linux. I've personally had success with it on Fedora and Debian. However, we are interested in getting it to work on OS X. We will probably attempt compiling it on OS X in the near future (when I can get someone with a Mac to try it), and we would be very interested in any information you can give if you have problems using it on OS X.

      Thanks! I'll also be monitoring forums now, so feel free to post.
      - John