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asyncoro with hot swapping and messages

I updated dispy-3.0 files with latest asyncoro framework at http://asyncoro.sourceforge.net . The new features since last update are: Added facility to hot swap coroutine's generator function, added send/receive methods so coroutines can exchange data as messages.

With hot swapping, specific coroutines' code can be upgraded while the application is running. See updated documentation for details on these features.

Posted by Giridhar Pemmasani 2012-05-09

asyncoro project

I just refreshed dispy-3.0 with documentation updates. I also removed asyncoro files from downloads section (although asyncoro is included in dispy distribution files). Please note that there is now separate asyncoro project at http://asyncoro.sourceforge.net if you are interested in asyncoro.

Posted by Giridhar Pemmasani 2012-04-28

Marked "stable"

FWIW, I have marked dispy 3.0 "stable". dispy and asyncoro grew in features and complexity more than I expected. I use only some of the features, so likely there are issues, but I expect the issues to be in the implementation that can be easily fixed. If you find an issue, please post in one of the forums or submit bug report.

Posted by Giridhar Pemmasani 2012-04-24

dispy version 3.0

dispy version 3.0 has been released. Most of the changes are in asyncoro (asynchronous framework used for dispy).

asyncoro in this version supports full duplex communication; earlier versions supported only half duplex - earlier, at any time a socket could have either read operation or write operation pending, whereas now one coroutine may be waiting on read operation on a socket and another coroutine may be waiting on write operation on same socket.... read more

Posted by Giridhar Pemmasani 2012-04-23

dispy version 2.9

dispy version 2.9 has been released. In this version locking primitives have been re-implemented so that 'yield' can be used after lock is acquired and before releasing it (earlier versions had differing rules about when to use yield and when not to). Now all locking methods should be invoked with 'yield'.

Changed suspend method to accept 'alarm_value' which is the value AsynCoro resumes a coro with if given timeout expires. Earlier versions always used None for alarm_value.... read more

Posted by Giridhar Pemmasani 2012-04-16

Ready for stable release?

Just updated dispy/asyncoro with RLock primitive (similar to RLock in threading module) and set_daemon method to coroutines. With these features, asyncoro is very similar to threading module (but without some of the drawbacks of threads).

Unless someone finds any issues with asyncoro/dispy, I am thinking of releasing version 3.0 and marking it stable in the next couple of days.

Posted by Giridhar Pemmasani 2012-04-14


Posted by Giridhar Pemmasani 2012-02-29