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DiskTRIM / News: Recent posts

Version 0.09

Fixed an error which made the application read disk statistics using the wrong order. This made the application show the wrong amount of writes made.

Default block size should have been 512B instead of 4KiB. Block size has therefore been renamed to sector size which will enable saved targets to re-initiate this variable. This change will effect statistics for the amount of data read and the amount of data written.

Posted by Korkskruv 2010-03-24

Version 0.08 ready

A new widget available for editing some of the settings.
The application should now save its data upon log out and shutdown signals.
The log output will now use the word 'finished' instead of 'stopped'.
The main application icon will now also switch to yellow when Time/Writes remaining reaches 90%.
The update button in setup tab will now only be activated if one of the settings has been changed.

Posted by Korkskruv 2010-03-15

Added a tool called count-zeroes

Added a tool to count the number of blocks containing zeroes on the disk or file. This tool might be useful for checking if TRIM is working. The source package also includes pre-built binaries for Jaunty/Karmic/Lucid. This is a command line tool only.

Posted by Korkskruv 2010-02-07

Minor update for 0.07

Updated 0.07 to 0.07b.
This release fixes missing command line in the log. The line used for calling
Also fixes a bug which prevented the application from loading the default settings.
There's also a minor update to the postrm script.

Posted by Korkskruv 2010-02-01

Version 0.07 ready for download

Added a script to the deb files which upon purge, will remove all the data and configuration files.

The application will now try to use a different user than root for the GUI. The part communicating with is placed in a separate thread still running as root. This change will improve the security of the application.
It's also possible to select which user the application should be run as by giving one of the following options, --UID=VALUE or --user_name=VALUE.
By default the application will use the environment variable HOME. System settings for this folder will then be used to determine the user ID. If --home=VALUE is set, then settings from this folder will be used.

Posted by Korkskruv 2010-02-01

Version 0.06 ready

Selects status tab on application start instead of info tab.
Text colour no longer hard coded in setup tab.
Fixed a bug which prevented visual error checks in setup tab.
Allow user to add the entire block device (e.g. /dev/sda or /dev/sdb).

Posted by Korkskruv 2010-01-25

Version 0.05 ready.

Fixed status icon menu exit.
Added file menu exit.
Added config file.
Added command line options.
Fixed status icon warning on startup which resulted in segmentation fault.

Posted by Korkskruv 2009-11-16

Version 0.04 ready for download.

New icons added.
Status icon switches to yellow icon when Timed/Writes remaining reaches 90%.

Posted by Korkskruv 2009-11-11

Version 0.03 ready for download.

Status icon menu updated with show/hide and exit.
Manual trim now bypass enabled in status tab.
Status tab Time & Writes remaining now also shows value in %.

Posted by Korkskruv 2009-11-10

Jaunty packages added.

Added packages for Jaunty. Old packages where renamed to Karmic.

Posted by Korkskruv 2009-11-10

Renamed the 32-bit deb package

Renamed the 32-bit deb package by removing the untested notice from after a short test run on Karmic 32-bit.

Posted by Korkskruv 2009-11-07