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Alpha Release!

Available at http://www.discretizer.org
Make sure you install FXRuby first.

Posted by bjornthe 2008-06-10

OpenGL Speed enhancement

Now it's possible to view bigger models with a high frame rate. Selection is also more rapid. This was achevied by the use of OpenGL display lists. Huge improvement.

Posted by bjornthe 2008-04-01

Volume Mesh Creation Speed

I did some benchmarks and noticed that the volume mesh creation didn't scale linear with mesh size. This was of course a big drawback. Found the bottleneck (see diff 25->26 in meshexport.rb) and now it's possible to run reasonable sized meshes within minutes. For more information: http://www.discretizer.org

Posted by bjornthe 2008-03-14

Download instruction for Windows users

If you want to run Discretizer from Windows I recommend this installation instruction:

Posted by bjornthe 2007-12-20


Now it's possible to do some attached cubes. Write and read of cubes are not taken care of yet. It's pre-alpha still but alpha status is not that far off .

Posted by bjornthe 2007-12-01

Screencast at home page

A full CFD session with OpenFoam calculation and ParaView(tm) post processing is available at home page http://www.discretizer.org

Posted by bjornthe 2007-12-01

New download

Now it's possible to create a cube referenced by a point only. Not really 100% implemented. It's called alpha3.

Posted by bjornthe 2007-11-10

Speed improvement

I just altered the methods.rb file and got a significant speed improvement, have a look:

Posted by bjornthe 2007-10-12

Notice about start script

Unfortunately the startup script is not 100% accurate. Please use this one: http://www.discretizer.org/files/discretizer.home
just change export DISCRETIZER=$HOME/discretizer to point to your install dir.

Posted by bjornthe 2007-10-12


On a system with OpenFOAM installed you can instantly do a simpleFoam k-epsilon calculation with incompressible air.

Posted by bjornthe 2007-09-22

Screenshots from upcoming release

Look at http://www.discretizer.org/node/9 to see some of the last months advancements. Source will soon be available (just have to include the right license header).

Posted by bjornthe 2007-09-18

New download

Go to http://www.discretizer.org/node/2 and download the latest pre-alpha release. Now I fixed the one point referenced face (and created the test file t15_testgeom.dtz" to show it).

Posted by bjornthe 2007-03-26

New download

Go to: http://www.discretizer.org/node/2 and test the latest snapshot.

Posted by bjornthe 2007-03-15