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Disciple Manager / News: Recent posts

new version

Just a small update with no additional functionality except a new icon. Not the best, but at least it's better than the default one.

Posted by Christoph 2006-08-07

0.3 released

Quick new release after last week's. Bunch of changes and a new tab, Objectives, to keep track of training objectives your disciple needs to understand.
Again, please leave me some feedback so I can make it better!!

Posted by Christoph 2006-08-04

Version 0.2 released

Hello all,

I released version 0.2 of DiscipleManager. Some cosmetic changes and a new tab, 'Goals', to keep track of your disciple's long, medium, and short term goals.
I hope this one is more useful than the last. I have some more plans for later, mainly a training objective tab where you can define training objectives that your disciple will benefit from and check those off when he got it.

I would really appreciate some feedback from those who use it, so if you have a minute, please let me know how you like it and what can be improved!... read more

Posted by Christoph 2006-07-29

DiscipleManager 0.1 released

Hello there!
I just released the first version of the disciple manager. I really need some help making it better, so please don't hesitate to contact me!!


Posted by Christoph 2006-07-05