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DxText and hd movies

  • yinon eliraz
    yinon eliraz

    I wrote here a few months back about not being able to play mkv/mp4 files.
    I'v wrestled with this issue for a long time and I found nothing.
    Before I give up I wanted to hear if you guys got something smart to suggest.

    Some notes:
    I have all the codecs installed properly.
    The code is "as is" from the sample (regarding the graphs).
    I can run the movies on my media player easily.


  • snarfle

    The first thing you need to understand is that media player does NOT use DirectShow. Saying that it plays these files is not helpful.

    Finding out whether you have the correct filters installed to work with DS is the obvious first step here. That's why eric suggested that you try GraphStudioNext.

    The second thing to understand is whether you have the files installed for the platform you are trying to use. Just because the file plays with x86 DS doesn't mean it will with x64 DS (and vice versa). I believe I suggested that last time.

    Another thing to consider is DRM. Trying to alter protected media (a la DxText) is doomed to failure. That's (part of) the intent of DRM. So if your files are protected, that's what's causing your problem.

  • yinon eliraz
    yinon eliraz

    I highly doubt my mp4 and mkv beeing DRM so for now i'll just leave that.
    I did got differnt results with both GraphStudioNext (64 and 32).
    What does it mean?

    • Eric

      DirectShow filters must be registered for both versions (32 / 64). 32 bits applications use the 32 bits filter and 64 bits applications use the 64 bits filter. If you only register a 32 bits version, 64 bits applications can't work (or will use another filter).

      For MKV and MP4 files, I use the Haali Media Splitter ( that install itself in 32 and 64 bits flavor on 64 bits OS.

      As Peter suggest it, LAVFilters should works too.

  • yinon eliraz
    yinon eliraz

    LAVFilters worked.