#31 .NET 4.0 Smart Tee Filter or Capture Pin Rendering Problem


I face problem in .NET4 environment specifically when using directshownet renderstream on video capture pin.

I try projects like WPFMediaKit and some TV program in codeproject or others show the same result, where runing in .NET4 will close the program without error nor warning, and the error is when rendering stream on video capture pin.

And these runs fine in other .net version other than .net 4.

More specifically, it will run into problem when passing parameter of PinCategory.Preview or PinCategory.Capture into the RenderStream method for video (Passing null or renderstream for audio run fine)

However, i require to have smart tee filter and thus should call it with this parameter. Manually adding smart tee filter for capturing or previewing will have same problem too while running in .NET 4.

So i suspect is smart tee filter problem in .net4 using directshownet or the renderstream problem for video capture for PinCategory.Preview/Capture in .NET 4.


  • snarfle

    I'm not really clear on what you are looking for from us.

    It's not like we wrote the Smart Tee filter, or .Net 4. And RenderStream is a c++ COM object written by MS. My first thought would be to make a simple bit of code that works in 3.5 and fails in 4.0, and ask the .Net 4.0 people.