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#239 Add ability to delete when doing Sync A <-> B

Next Release
Doug Wegscheid

after doing an analyze on a Sync A <-> B, I could seriously use the ability to change the actions for individual files from "File A is new" (which would cause a copy from A->B) to "File B was deleted" (which would cause file A to also be deleted). Symmetric actions for the case of a file existing on Dir B only would be needed. Right clicking on the action now gives the "Change To:" menu entry, but there is no sub-menu...

JFileSync can do this now (it actually keeps history from the previous sync, so it can tell that the file was deleted from B instead of added to A). I can live without the history if I have the option to manually override the action. I'm trying to migrate from JFileSync to DirSync Pro, but this is a show stopper...