#226 New features to simplify a simple job


Found DirSyncPro some days ago after failing to manage some 10.000 pics using explorer and other explorer-like software on WIN7. DirSyncPro did the job without any problem. So far a great program! One of the 4 newcomers to my toolbox this year. But it took me some time to find out how to make the settings.

There is just a simple job: make a copy of all new or modified files to another medium to have an additional data backup. Normally I am using xcopy with some parameters.

1. First I started using "contribute A -> B". But I found out that files which had been modified had not been selected. Later on I learned to use "synchronize (custom)" and after doing some settings it did what I wanted to do. My suggestion is to provide a simple way for a simple job for beginners who want to make a backup copy leaving existing files untouched except files which have been modified.

2. May be I did not find the right menu-point but I could not see the overall size of all files selected. To know what amount of data is selected could help on two issues:

2.1 Wrong selection of directory (can be seen when amount of data is unexpectedly big or small).

2.2 Selection is OK but there is not enough space on the target directory.

Best regards