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  • Graham Harris
    Graham Harris

    Hi Omid,

    Thanks for your patience with me.

    It's incredible that having used DirSync Pro so long I could make such a
    dumb mistake. I must have skipped over that tab without taking it in,
    although it looks like the default should not have caused problems, so I
    wonder how it got set away from the default.

    The other thing that trips me up is when I move files around in the
    directory tree. DirSync Pro shows a deletion and a creation, but perhaps a
    long way apart in the list. So I am inclined not to allow the deletion,
    resulting in duplication. Would it be possible to allow the results list
    to be sorted by filename (rather than the Mode), so that I can see the old
    and new next to each other and allow the delete in the confidence that the
    file is preserved somewhere else? Many tools allow you to click a column
    header to allow sorting.


    Hi Graham,

    It took me a while to find out what is going on, and I found it. This is
    not a bug! Here is what happens:

    You have setup a A -> B sync with conflict resolution mode set to 'Copy
    Source'. DirSync Pro detects a conflict, for those files, because the
    source is older than the destination. However it does exactly as you have
    set it to: copy the source file anyway. If you wish to be warned only, you
    may set the conflict resolution to the default mode ('warn user').

    To avoid this kind of confusion, I have emphasizes this kind of conflict
    in the sync queue by using the 'Forced Copy' icon instead of 'Copy
    modified' icon. The tooltip text of this sync icon gives also some more
    textual information.

    Version 1.47b3 is out there. Please give it a try!


    [bugs:#237] Wrong Mode selected

    Status: closed
    Created: Tue Nov 12, 2013 07:56 PM UTC by Graham Harris
    Last Updated: Wed Dec 11, 2013 07:26 PM UTC
    Owner: O. Givi

    A few times now I have caught DirSyncpro 1.44 marking files as Modified on
    A (M->) when the copy on B is newer! See the attached image.

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