#210 Changes timestamp when syncing with webdav folder


I'm using DirSync Pro 1.45 on Kubuntu 12.10, 64 bit. I want to use a cloud server for some of my data. it's quite a lot: about 250,000 files and 4,500 folders. I integrated the cloud server into my file system using webdav, which works quite fine.
Now I noticed, that DirSyncPro changed the timestamp of all folders on the cloud server to the date of the initial upload. It kept the timestamps of most files, but for one folder which contains about 24,000 files in about 500 subfolders it changed all the timestamps to the date and time of the upload.
When I want to do a new sync (incremental sync), DirSync Pro wants to sync some folders from the source side (my PC) to the cloud, and all the files from the one folder mentioned back to my PC (about 24,000 files and about 500 subfolders). I don't want the timestamps changed on my PC, because the files definitely haven't been changed, so I have to manually remove those files and folders from the list, which is quite cumbersome. It becomes even more difficult, when I alter a file when I'm on the way, because then I can't use the function "remove all with this mode" (or so), which I just discovered, because then I have to search vor that file.
It would be nice to have an exclude-filter by name or folder, but then I might miss altered files in those folders, which is again a problem. DirSync doesn't allow to add any filter types when I use the incremental sync, it seems.