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Dirac-research live stream encoding


  • Anonymous

    Hello everyone. Need some help here.
    I'm trying to encode video from my camera using dirac and then send the encoded frame to the client, decoded it and display the image.
    I've played with the decoder for a while, and figured that dirac is not one frame in - one frame out kind of codec.
    Is dirac suitable for this kind of job? When I'm encoding images I have to feed more images in the decoder untill dirac gives me a encoded frame.
    So I don't see how can I use dirac as a real time encoder.
    Any ideas or suggestions are more than welcomed.

  • Tommy Thorn
    Tommy Thorn

    I haven't tried this myself, but in theory if you stay with Intra frames (AKA Dirac Pro AVA VC-2) then there is no dependency between frames. There are other options too. Without knowing your constraints, encoding hardware, decoding hardware, transport, reliability of same, etc I don't think we can say much.