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ffmpeg patch problems

  • thresh

    Hello, there's a CODEC_ID_TTF in avcodec.h which seem to be the same as supposed CODEC_ID_DIRAC:

        /* other specific kind of codecs (generaly used for attachments) */
        CODEC_ID_TTF= 0x18000,

    and you add:

        CODEC_ID_DIRAC= 0x18000,

    what to do? this seems erroneus

    • Yes this is a problem. Until we submit an official Dirac patch to ffmpeg this will remain a problem I am afraid because new codecs keep getting added to FFmpeg which will most certainly use the temporary one we use for Dirac. We plan to submit an official Dirac patch to ffmpeg within the next few weeks and once it is accepted you won't run into this problem again. For the time being I can suggest only a temporary fix which is to assign 0xFFFF to CODEC_ID_DIRAC in avcodec.h and recompile ffmpeg.