Interactive Streaming

  • Dillon

    I am currently working on a project that compresses RGB24 and sends the encoded data (frame by frame) through a socket to an end user, similar to a video conference. Dirac looks like a good candidate for this sort of thing but I am having a hard time encoding frame by frame. I have compiled using VS 2008 and I am using the EncodeDirac project (and it's dependencies) as a library to link into my project. Through the brief time I have spent with this code it appears that I might not be able to encode on a frame-by-frame basis. I was wondering if this is something that was intended/possible using this software.
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  • Thomas Davies
    Thomas Davies

    You'd be better off using Schrodinger, which is the fast implementation, for anything real-time. Ask on There's stuff like gstreamer for this sort of thing.