Updated dimdim - WhiteBoard and Improved Slide Quality

Dimdim is an open source web conferencing product with features like Application, Desktop and Presentation sharing, Two way Whiteboard, with A/V streaming and chat. No installation is needed on the Attendee side and all features are available through a web browser.

Over the past month dimdim Team was busy working on packaging a stable release of the product with increased functionality for our SourceForge community.

We have added the two way Whiteboard and the Dimdim Media Server to improve the quality of the slides shared.
In addition we have resolved over a hundred issues in last couple of months in order to make it more stable and we are releasing a Linux CentOS Pack.
Linux CentOS 4.5 32-bit has been chosen as the first Linux distribution. Other Linux distributions and Windows Installer packs will follow shortly.

Some of the major fixes/enhancements rolled out in these release are following:

* WhiteBoard Functionality

* Improved Quality of the Powerpoint Slide Sharing acheived by using Open Office for document conversion.

* Support for PDF Upload and Sharing

* Audio-Video Test

* Lag in Audio/Video/Desktop Sharing is reduced

* HandsFree and Audio Level Indicator for the speaker.

* Switching on and off features before starting a meeting

Upcoming Releases/Updates:

Windows based SF Pack.

The dimdim Team is committed to provide extensive support to the SourceForge community and drive high
adoption of dimdim.


Uday Khatua
Director Of Operations,
dimdim Inc.

Posted by Dimdim 2007-11-26