Dimdim Web Meeting - New and Stable Version Released

Dimdim is an open source web conferencing product with features like Application, Desktop and Presentation sharing with A/V streaming and chat. No installation is needed on the Attendee side and all features are available through a web browser.

Over past few weeks Dimdim Team was busy in getting out a more stable release of the product for our SourceForge community.

We have resolved more than hundred issues in last couple of months in order to make it more stable and
we released a Windows and Linux Packs over last 2 weeks.

Some of the major fixes/enhancements rolled out in these release are following:

Dimdim Meeting Publisher -

New installer for Internet Explorer Publisher for user-friendly installation and uninstallation.
Resolved browser hang/crash issues.
More stable Desktop / Application sharing.

Dimdim Meeting Consolse -

Updated Audio/Video Broadcasters with status messages to help debug problems better.
Video Meeting quality has been improved.
Usability fixes for minimizing "chat with all" panel during sharing.
Minimized "Chat with all" panel blinks when new messages are received.

Dimdim Meeting Server -

Customization of the start email id information.
Default setting of audio/video meeting type can be set (dimdim.properties start_meeting_option_av=1).

Upcoming Releases/Updates:

- Updated Moodle Integration Pack
- SugarCRM Integration Pack.
- Weekly updation of Source Code in SF CVS

Dimdim Team is commited to provide extensive support to the SourceForge community and drive high
adoption of Dimdim.


Rohit Shankar
Director Of Engineering,
Dimdim Inc.

Posted by Dimdim 2007-08-06