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Problem in installation with moodle

  • Kumar Shekhar
    Kumar Shekhar

    Hello All,

        I have Downloaded and Deployed Dimdim Conference Server on my linux machine on subdomain meeting. Also downloaded the moodle module and configured that successfully with right setting info like serverAddress,port name,webappLocalPath and all required thing. But when I go to check application from "Click from Start Meeting" link its open the URL in new window: http://meeting.topcrusaders.com:500/dimdim/html/signin/signin.action?action=host&email=cmariomej@bellsouth.net&confKey=prithofrouecle&displayName=Carlos%20Mario%20Mejia&confName=Web%20Meeting&lobby=false&networkProfile=3&meetingHours=2&meetingMinutes=0&maxParticipants=200&presenterAV=av&attendees=%20&maxAttendeeMikes=0&returnUrl=http://topcrusaders.com/class&submitFormOnLoad=true

    first Thing I don't know why its asking searching DIDDIM folder in url whatever I have installed the server Deployed Dimdim Conference Server inside the /www/meeting/live folder and done all configuration according to that.

    Steps What I have done is :
    1. Downloading Dimdim Conference Server Installation Toolkit from
    2. Uncompress-the "dimdim-1.6.tar.gz"
    then follow the steps that required for configuration

    And at last my dim dim server is running fine "Dimdim Conference Server is running (15810)" message that I getting after the  last step.

    could any one give me idea why this happening.I am really very frustrated.Please help me. Thanks a ton in advance.

    Kumar Shekhar