Dimdim overwrites Moodle configuration

  • Hello. I have a problem with the Dimdim/Moodle bundle on a WAMP server. I have Wampserver 2.0 installed. I installed the latest version of Moodle (1.8) and configured the server so as to accept incoming connections from my LAN (for testing). After that, i installed the most recent Dimdim Server stable distribution for Windows... And it overwrote all my Apache settings! First, any connection to "localhost" points directly to http://localhost/dimdim (resulting in a 404 error if the Dimdim server is stopped) instead of simply pointing to http://localhost/index.php. Second, all connections from any address save localhost are refused with a 403 error... I've noticed that port 80, while Dimdim server is up, is used by Apache/Coyote 1.1. What is the configuration file for that application? I can't find anything on the documentation...