Joomla Integration

  • Adrian Lewis
    Adrian Lewis

    I've seen some generic requests for open source CMS integration (now closed according to the tracker) as well as the Drupal request from nltech. I would be extremely happy if some efforts were made to using the Joomla (preferably the new 1.5 version) userbase and if possible, groups. Group ACLs are not yet in the core of Joomla 1.5 although a free plugin called RokACL, developed by one of the core developers is on the roadmap for inclusion into version 1.6.

    On the subject of group permissions, this would probably be something that could be a nice addition to any Drupal integration too via the roles capability built into Drupal.

  • uptimistik

    Hi, I have completed a dimdim/joomla module, allowing one to easily add their dimdim 'Join Meeting' buttons to any part of the site, and making it just as easy for the presenter/s to start it also. Using the base Joomla ACL, Registered and Special, you can have simple teacher/student scenarios with the module I developed.

  • Binay

    Hi uptimistik
    Can u please share  that module with us. I'm desperately looking for it.


  • ali mirarab
    ali mirarab

    also i need that module that integrate joomla with dimdim
    please share that or send for me to this