Problem with URL to start meeting

  • Soma Putera
    Soma Putera

    I followed the server integration guide. I found this particular problem.
    When I create a link from my website to the 'create meeting' url, dimdim goes to the envCheck and then show up the web meeting with Gray Background and a little red triangle with ! mark in the middle.

    However, when I copy the content of that URL, and paste it to my browser and just go from there, it works!
    Can anyone explain what is going on here? and how can I fix this? Where in the code should I change to allow this?

    • shaneel :)
      shaneel :)

      have you got any solutions to that ?
      If not, then that  page is knows as dimdim error page.
      It may happen due to some wrongly configured things.
      Can you please explain me a bit more about whats going on exactly?