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DESKTOP Sharing won't work

  • I'm unable to do any desktop sharing.
    I'm running the Aug 3,2007 build for linux.
    Get the following message
    The requested resource (/dimdim/html/console/GetConsolePage.action%3fcflag=a79bbd5a1b96fdd755fe8bd1) is not available.
    Apache Tomcat/5.5.17.
    I have searched all of the dimdim directories and have not found this file, but
    have found a similar file(GetConsolePageAction.class in the common directory.
    I also get the same behavior as JK'S posting on 11/3 as follows:
    "Whenever I share my desktop at work, a veritical bar appears on the lefthand side and it says BUSY. A few seconds later the bar disappears."

    Would appreciate any help in this matter.
    Thanks, T.L.