DimDim Limitation

  • Hello,

    First of all: Great Work!!

    Is there a known limitation in dimdim?
    We want to use it for 1 presenter and up to 180 attendees. Is this possible with a one-server solution?


    • prakash.khot


      Thanks for the compliments. The server software is in relatively early stage and we have yet to establish reliable benchmarks for known capacity. However; there are no restrictions on number of attendees and as such the server will allow as many attendees as your infrastructure can support.

      Could you please try and let me know the results?


      • Hello all!

        I'm installed dimdim 1.0 on linux server and everything worked fine. Within the next few days I'm  going to install the newer version and try to test it out.

        My plan is to hold a web meeting (with powerpoint presentation, video and voice) in the near future with one presenter and as much attendees as the server can serv fluently. The target would be 500 attendees. Can you answer me how much memory needed in the server and how much bandwidth do i need to cover? Is a simple PIV 3Ghz processor enough in the server or a Xeon or Dual Core processor required to install?

        Congratulations for your software and I wish you all the best:

        • Are there any limitations of any sort on the open source edition, for example is there a limitation on the number of simultaneous web conferences my website can have?

          Thanks -- please email me at hussaina  ---a t --   u m i c   h   (d ot) edu

    • dimdim_uday

      Thank you for the feedback.
      I have some additional questions regarding the meeting you wish to conduct.
      What would be the duration of the meeting?
      How many attendees would need to speak simultanously?
      Would all attendees have similar connection speeds?

      If you could please drop me a response at uday(at)dimdim.com I would be glad to help you with the sizing.


    • Hello,

      Unfortunately my internet provider has some problem with the mail service so I answer here.

      The meeting will take an hour and a half. The attenees won't speak, the feedback will come with the built-in chat possibility. And I sure all the attendies have ADSL connection (min. 100kb/s download speed).

      Thank you for your quick response.

      All the best: