Child Windows

  • In application sharing mode, I believe child windows of an application should be shared.  Right now, if an application pops up a settings window, an ugly black square shows instead of the settings window.

    • Hello,

      I agree that in application sharing mode child windows of an application should be shared. Currently in DimDim a black square shows in place of child window. This is a know issue with our product - issue number is . There are three things to consider –
      The root cause of the problem is that we are sharing on the basis of Windows (having unique window handlers). If two windows belong to the same application - such as "notepad" but have different windows - they will not be shared simultaneously. This is a security feature which prevents unintentional sharing. However the down side is that the popup windows of an application are not shared. We are looking at the best way of resolving this issue. Child windows have separate Window handler so child windows of an application is not sharing. If you want to share child window then you can share your desktop in place of that application.
      Thank you for your interest in DimDim.