Console loses connection sometimes

  • Steps to reproduce this isse are as follows:
    1. Start a meeting
    2. Click on "Powerpoint"
    3. "Select Presentation" window opens
    4. Click on Browse
    5. Dont select any file, for say 2 or 3 minutes
    6. Message comes, the console has lost connection, meeting is going to close.

    • I get this too on our internal network with a gigabit switch.  It does not require much time for the console to loose the connection.  Why is this?

    • Hello,

      Thanks for providing us the steps. I tried reproducing in our test lab but am not able to reproduce the issue. could you please provide me the OS version, browser and the Conference server version (including date)?


    • Tearlach

      I my case we have the installation on centos 5, client browsers was both Firefox and Windows IE 7  and dimdim-version.txt is 1.0.0_092606 the file was dimdim_160_Alpha_080307.tar.gz 05 October 2007.  The client is connecting through our gigabit switch to the server.

      Disconnection sometimes happens with a minute of connecting sometime the connection lasts 8-10 minutes.

      Any insight would be welcome.

      Thank you