Firewall setup to support dimdim

  • My server is running behind a hardware firewall and I require the correct firewall ports that need to be opened and the correct dimdim server settings when running behind a firewall.


    • It's easy, that's the port you've defined in server.xml and
      By default, it's the port 80.
      So if you're using iptables on your machine, you open all on lo, then on eth0 the 80 port.

    • Hi Brain,

      Thanks for using Dimdim. In addition to port 80,
      1. port 1935 has to be opened. This is for Audio/Video/Screen share.
      2. Conference server port which is configured in

      Please do let me know if the problem is solved?


    • I thought the whole idea of dimdim was that it was all going to go over port 80.  What is the roadmap for this? Webex and gotomeeting are firewall friendly. 

    • Hello,

      You are correct.

      Assuming that firewall is enabled, the conference server is running on port 80 and the streaming server (required for Audio/Video/Screen sharing) listens to port 1935 for rtmp protocol and if that port is also blocked, the streaming server will switch to port 80 and will tunnel through that port. So, only port 80 needs to be open. If firewall is disabled, port 1935 will also be used.

      Hope your question is answered. Can you please explain in detail about the requirement you are looking for.