Connection timed out

  • hi..
    today i was facing problem while logging in.Connection timed out.

    thank you.

    • Hello,

      The connection timed out happens for the audio broadcaster. This is because, the streaming server is not reachable

      The following could be the problems:
      1. Firewall is enabled on the machine where the streaming server is running. You need to port forward port 1935 and port 80
      2. Check if the streaming server is running.

      Check the wrapper.log for detailed log messages. If the connection timed out happens, you will not be able to share desktop / word/ any screen shares.


      • Hi I tried to set up dimdim and it's work fine on local network, but on internet doesn't work, show Conection time out error. I check on all forums  but a can't find answere,
        I work on winXp home SP2

    • Hello,

      For any web server to access over internet, you need to have your machine hosted.

      Say for e.g. you are having
      Machine A - Dimdim Conference Server is installed.
      Machine B - In the Local area network
      Machine C - Located in a different location across internet.

      From Machine B, you will be able to reach Machine A by ping. But from Machine C, you will not be able to ping Machine A. I hope this is clear.

      Please do let me know if you have any doubts on this.