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two way of login

  • I don't understand why there is two way of login into dimdim meeting. chekout the link.


    • Hello,

      The first way is directly starting a meeting with the conference server you have installed. Say for e.g you have a Open source conference server installed in your location or hosted in a server running on port 80. So, you can directly access the dimdim conference server using http://<Dimdim conference server machine>:<Dimdim conference server port>

      The second way is Portal. If you have registered to Dimdim, you will be provided with a Meeting room. So, user will be provided a userid and password by Dimdim. He can start or join or schedule meeting, once he has logged into the portal.

      The third way is through integration pack. One such is Moodle. Once you have installed the Dimdim-Mooodle integration pack in the existing install of moodle, you can start / schedule a meeting as a teacher. Students will be able to join the meeting who have subscribed to the course.

      We will be releasing Dimdim-SugarCRM integration and Button integration soon.  I hope i answered your query.


      • I have a question.If using the integration pack with moodle, do the server need to be install with the server web meeting eg conference server or not?

    • Where it is possible to find the portal access as seen at http://www1.dimdim.com/portal/html/portal/rootpage.action?cflag=pfa37c6#home  ???  At my local dimdim installation when I access my dimdim It goes directly to


      Alexandre Freire

    • tkwork

      Hi, I'm just getting started with DimDim, and have a similar question...

      You say in the response above: "If you have registered to Dimdim, you will be provided with a Meeting room...".

      I have installed the latest open source version on my server, and would like to know how to enter through the portal so I can do things like customize the interface (logos etc.).  How do I register to Dimdim?  and once I do register, where is this meeting room located?  Is it on my server?

      Thanks for any help you can give.