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Attendees can't see PowerPoint Full Screen

  • mrwilloby

    We have only had a quick look at Dimdim, but something I have not seen asked on this forum is about attendees being able to view a PowerPoint slide show when the presenter puts it in full screen. Our experience was that the screen for the attendees never was full screen and seemed to freeze. Maybe it was our configuration. Anyone else with this issue?


    • dimdim_uday


      Thanks for using Dimdim and reporting the feedback.

      I am able to reproduce the bug you have reported.
      The steps I followed are :-
      1) Start Meeting.
      2) Attendee joins.
      3) Click on Screen - Powerpoint and share a powerpoint.
      4) F5 to fullscreen the powerpoint.
      5) Attendees screen share freezes.

      This is a bug and we shall work on fixing it with the next maintenance release.

      Meanwhile I have a suggestion for sharing full screen powerpoints.
      Instead of the screen powerpoint share, you can try using the screen - desktop share and share the powerpoint in fullscreen mode. This works in my setup.
      Another workaround is to upload presentenation using the "Documents - powerpoint" link.


      • ChakRa

        That’s great to know that you guys are already working on it. It gives the presenter great flexibility to do whatever he wants to on his desktop while attendees can see the presentation in full screen. I tried the screen and PowerPoint option and when my MSN messenger popped up on the screen it showed a black square the size of the pop up on the attendee’s screen which is a BIG oops! if you are giving a very professional presentation. i tried the upload --> presentation that does not show the attendee full screen presentation. It would be a huge plus if the full screen feature can be embedded in the normal presentation mode. Then I can even chat on my messenger while giving presentation without any fear of attendee knowing what i have been upto. Appreciate all your efforts.

        Thank you.

    • dimdim_uday

      Hi ChakRa,
      Thanks for the interest and the encouragement.
      The new release will minimize the chat window which will show the shared presentation fully on the attendee side.

      The Screen sharing works based on the visible screen.
      If there is an overlapping window such as a MSN chat window - it would be captured.
      Our publisher algorithm works on the premise that any olerlapping window is an unexpected window and is not intended to be shared and so is shown as a blacked out screen.