Sound like in "slow motion"

  • plg

    I Just installed Dimdim in a fresh Centos 4.5 intallation.

    I can start a Meeting, but when someone joins the meeting, the voice is heard in "slow motion".

    Please help me. What can I do?

    • I am having the same issue and this is off of the account hosted with DimDim.

      Did anyone come up with a suggested fix? Something on my pc to check?

    • quixote9

      I tried Dimdim back in February and had this same problem.  Voices were so low and slow as to be hilarious, but not usable for a real meeting.  Today's review on ( indicates that there are still what sound like rather major audio issues.  (I haven't even tried video.)

      What causes these issues?  Since different people have similar problems on different machines, it sounds like something to do with Dimdim.  If so, what? 

      Is it something that can be addressed?  When might a fix appear?

    • Hi quixote9,

      We have released Dimdim 3.5 Eagle release. The latest release have lots of enhancements in the product and many issues/feedback that were reported by SF users were fixed/addressed. The deployment can be done by VMWare image or by a native install. You can download the latest release from

      Audio/video issue is addressed. We are bundling Red5 streaming server with the latest Dimdim Open Source pack. Could you please try the latest pack and let us know your feedback.


    • Sigurd Hansen
      Sigurd Hansen

      Isn't the native install identical to the old version?


    • Hi Sigurd,

      No, the native install is not identical to the old version. There is a significant change between Dimdim 3.0 and Dimdim 3.5 packs. This is based on the community feedback and enhancements/features added by Dimdim.

      Please read the instructions for how to deploy the Dimdim 3.5 native install and try the latest Dimdim 3.5 pack afresh.