Give the presentation lead to someone else

  • Kirioss


    I've just tried DimDim and I find it very interresting to use it in my (quite large) company. We are, at the moment, looking for an emeeting solution to replace netmeeting and VNC (we use VNC for linux users)

    My main features requests would be :
    - Ability for all the attendee to be the presenter (one afer the other, of course), token given by the meeting admin
    - Linux compatibility for the presenter
    - Remote control
    - scale the remote display
    - improve refresh on client side
    - Be able to share powerpoint and switching automatically to the full screen presentation when activated

    Thank you, DimDim is a very good product ;-)

    • dimdim_dip

      Hi Kirioss,

      Thanks for using Dimdim and your Feed back.

      - Multiple Presenter: This feature is in our road map.
      - Linux compatibility for the presenter:As of now except desktop sharing all other features a Linux presenter can use.Soon we will provide this feature for the Linux presenter also.
      - Remote control:It is in our road map.
      - scale the remote display:We are releasing new DTP+ for sharing desktop.
      - improve refresh on client side:By the end of march we are releasing our new VNC based servers for DTP+
      With this the Lag will be very less.

      Please let us know if you have any further query and we will be glad to assist you.

      Thanks & Regards,