Asterisk Integration

  • Clint Davis
    Clint Davis

    What’s the possibility to support asterisk using voice and/or video and using the conference services built into asterisk?

    Kind of like 1videoconference, (To have the option to either use the native video & voice, or have links into the asterisk API so that people can connect using a normal lan line). And only use the web component for the video or just the presentation features.

    This the user can have less bandwidth as there is no need for streaming audio.

    What would need to happen:

    What I can see if it’s possible, is that the software links into the asterisk server through sip and this way the audio from the asterisk server can be recorded along with the presentation.

    Have the API links to manage a conference, (web-meetme) has a good interface for this. (The ability to mute users. Kick users. Etc).

    • sshgz

      I think this idea is good!

    • Clint Davis
      Clint Davis

      If its not possable, can we have a way to (admin disable, the voice and/OR video ability).
      (So global admin options to disable, voice, video, etc)

      This way ill set up a conference section webpage, (for the calls). and only use dimdim for the app sharing.

      Is there a way to imbed a custom app inside dimdim, like create my own tab and have that an iframe or write php code directly for that tab??

    • chopeta

      Very good idea!